Dr. David Finke - Women's Care of Beverly Hills

“Having technology improve the after-hours communication between a patient and a provider is essential. When you can order a pizza and track its delivery to your door, but you can’t leave a message for your provider that is clear succinct contains all the data that the doctor needs to respond most appropriately. It’s a problem.”

When you integrate patient forms into after-hours call communication between patients and providers, you open it up to endless possibilities for pediatricians. They want to know what the patient’s date of birth is. They want to know the patient’s weight, they want to know if they have allergies, they want to know any past medical history that would be pertinent for that particular patient. And when you give patients the opportunity to fill out those questions, they do it and they do it really well. Most of the time, I can call a patient back and they already told me what’s going on and it makes it easier for me because I don’t have to sit there and review the patient asking them what’s happening. They explain it very well.

Clarus Care will drastically reduce the number of phone calls that offices get from patients because when you offer patients the ability to submit a request online and that request can be sent to the department that it needs to go to within the practice, it saves everyone time and money. One of the unique features of Clarus Care’s web forms is that doctors can quickly reply to a patient, the patient receives a notification in their text message with a link from the provider on call with the message that message expires within a certain amount of time making HIPAA compliant. Switching to a tech-based solution like Clarus Care is a no-brainer from being able to save the office time and money and the doctors hundreds of hours and how they manage their calls after hours.

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