Becky Pritikin - Chicago Nasal & Sinus

“We were using a traditional answering service where a human operator was answering the phones. It was not working for us after a while because it was up to the discretion of that operator, whether it was an emergency based on what the patient said.”

We were also getting a lot of mistakes. They were inputting phone numbers incorrectly, or the name wasn’t spelled correctly. We were also paying by the minute. So, every time, if we had a call, we needed the operator to help us connect to the patient or just them on the phone talking to the patient which was getting very expensive at times with Clarus.

The price was a huge selling point for us because the price was significantly less than what we were paying for the answering service. Also, the calendar in terms of scheduling is super easy. I mean, I was literally just doing that up front putting someone else on call for a weekend. It’s color-coordinated. It’s all very nice. It’s just a very simple way for us to check the messages in the morning. It’s very simple to log in. You see right away who’s called complete the call and the phone number and the birth date. We can search in our EMR, who the patient is. So even if we can’t understand who it is or they don’t leave their name, which they don’t sometimes, we can search by their phone number and pull up who the patient is very easily. So, I can’t imagine why anyone these days would use a regular answering service. Now that there’s something like Clarus out there, I don’t understand why anyone would pay for that.

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