Dr. Jordan Pritikin - Chicago Nasal & Sinus

“We don’t have a big practice. It’s myself, one other part-time physician, and a physician assistant and I take the brunt of call. It’s nice because patients know that they can reach me directly.”

Yeah, I mean, the downsides of the operator system are human error. They are either transposing numbers or just missing information and not being able to convey that accurately. If there are mistakes made in that message, and I act on that potentially causes a problem in terms of patient care, puts the patient at risk. But at the very least, it makes me look silly if I call the patient by the wrong name or try to reach a patient and I’m dialing the wrong number and the patient has to call back two or three times before we can actually connect.

The Clarus app is very easy. It has face recognition. so I don’t have to type in a passcode every time I need to retrieve a page. I’m able to access the patient’s voice and I can also see a transcription of the message. And then I have options in terms of how I want to return that call. This system makes my life easier because I’m technically on call every night. And if I have to worry that I’m going to get called all night long, every night that starts to wear on you. This gives me some peace of mind. I think the one thing that I appreciate the most about the Clarus system is the fact that I can hear the patient’s voice when they’re leaving the message. I can hear not only what they’re saying, but how they’re saying it. I can get a sense of whether there’s something that’s truly urgent that needs to be acted on right away. If someone approached me, if they were considering switching from an old school answering service to Clarus, I think one of the main selling points is just the convenience for the physician, just how easy it’s to use and just the peace of mind on the patient’s behalf of knowing that they’re getting ahold of their doctor.

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