Evolving the Healthcare Industry

With over 800M patient visits in the US a year, providers and staff struggle to keep up with the over 4B annual communication touch points with patients. Clarus solves that problem for medical offices of all sizes and specialties — with a proven track record for independent practices and those within MSOs or large health systems.

Who We Serve

Independent Practices

Clarus helps independent practices remain efficient in a competitive healthcare landscape.

  • Reduced cost compared to a traditional answering service
  • Free up valuable staff hours
  • Increase patient satisfaction


Clarus helps MSOs deliver cost savings by changing the outdated patient call management business process.

  • Standardization across all practices within the MSO
  • Enterprise reporting through analytics
  • A key way to deliver on promised operating margin improvement

Healthcare Systems

As hospital systems struggle with their cost structures, Clarus generates efficiency leading to immediate cost benefits.

  • Cost savings realized immediately — do not have to wait to prove the savings out
  • Reduces physician burnout and improves staff retention by alleviating key pain point
  • Patient satisfaction scores increase

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