Provider Networks Within Healthcare Systems

How Clarus Improves Practice Operations

As hospital systems struggle with their cost structures, Clarus provides efficiencies which realize significant and immediate cost benefits.

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Patient Experience

Outdated Processes

Provider and Staff Burnout

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Fragmented Operations

High Costs

Problems We Solve

Clarus transforms the outdated way health systems manage patient communications. This improves the patient experience while helping the system reduce costs and increase provider and staff productivity.

The patient can leave a message, that message is transcribed, and then it’s on a dashboard where our staff can see those messages and put those messages into the system. It eliminates a lot of paper and makes us more secure with patient information as well.

Patrick Stearns
Cool Springs Internal Medicine


Answer patient calls with technology, not people
  • Customizable IVR based on practice workflow needs
  • Clarus handles all calls in real-time


Prioritize messages based on practice’s needs
  • Urgent after-hours calls routed to provider via app
  • Non-urgent calls sorted by call type on dashboard for staff


Address patient messages in a timely manner
  • Messages available within seconds
  • No calls abandoned
  • Providers have multiple options how to respond to urgent calls


Get holistic view of patient messages
  • Full documentation of all message interaction
  • Connect messages to the record in EMR

How it Works

With our intelligent call routing, incoming calls are directed to the right department or individual, guaranteeing accurate and timely responses. Our message handling feature utilizes AI to transcribe and organize messages, allowing you to efficiently prioritize and address critical matters.

Whether it’s during regular business hours or after hours, Clarus provides support to your practice and patients. Our comprehensive reporting tools offer valuable insights into call volume, response times, and customer interactions, empowering you to make data-driven decisions to better your practice.

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