The Smartest Way to Manage Patient Communication

Clarus technology improves daytime and after hours patient call management. It provides round-the-clock support which enhances patient satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Enhances patient satisfaction

Improves provider on call experience

Saves staff time

Reduces costs


How it Works

Clarus technology replaces human operators to simplify and improve how medical practices manage patient messages.

Product Features

Provider app
  • The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms
  • It is designed for providers to manage patient messages during after-hours call periods
  • Providers receive notifications within seconds after a patient leaves an urgent message
  • Information displayed includes:
    • Patient name
    • Date of birth
    • Audio file of the message
    • Transcription of the message
  • Providers have multiple response options available
  • The app prioritizes protecting the provider’s privacy
On-call scheduling
  • Staff can manage on-call scheduling within the Clarus dashboard with a calendar that utilizes simple “drag and drop” functionality
  • Changes can be made anytime through a desktop or phone
  • It’s easy for providers to share calls during after-hours coverage
Customizable IVR
  • Patient messages are directed through a call tree
  • The script and flow are customizable for each practice
  • It’s also easy to make changes
  • Clarus works with many medical offices across 40+ specialties
  • The customer success team can provide recommendations for optimizing patient call workflows
Industry leading AI-transcription
  • Clarus utilizes cutting-edge AI-transcription technology to transcribe millions of patient messages
  • Spanish language transcription is supported
  • Transcriptions are over 90% accurate and are posted within seconds
  • This enables providers and staff to quickly address patient needs and facilitate a timely response
EMR integration
  • Clarus makes it easy to upload all details associated with each patient message into the EMR
  • Enhanced integrations with select EMRs are also available
Complete message documentation
  • Every detail of a patient message is documented
  • This includes a timestamp of when the message was received
  • Provider or staff response and follow-up communication are recorded
  • Notes are also available for each patient message
  • The Clarus dashboard includes a comprehensive analytics platform
  • It provides a myriad of data points, including:
    • Call volumes and types by day-part
    • Call volume by provider
    • Response and resolution time by call type and provider

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Independent Practices


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Who We Serve

Healthcare is rapidly changing. Clarus’ technology adapts to different organizational structures for medical offices. Independent practices, MSOs, and health systems all utilize Clarus to achieve operational efficiencies.


Provider App

The Clarus app helps providers manage after-hours patient calls more effectively. Here’s what they have to say about it:

  • “I discovered the effectiveness of the provider app which brought all my messages to one place and allowed me to call people back instantly or send them a text when I was unavailable.” – Dr. Hampton Vernon
  • “The Clarus app transcribes the patient’s voice message into text and it does a really good job at that.” – Dr. Jonathan Rehberg
  • “The aspect of the Clarus app that I value most is the ability to hear the urgency in a patient’s voice when they leave a message. This helps me determine how I should reply.” – Dr. Jordan Pritikin


The Clarus dashboard is a comprehensive way for staff to manage patient communication during any time of day. It regularly receives accolades from users, here are a few:

  • “We have complete confidence in the dashboard’s functionality and set-up with no concerns about errors.” – Erin Cartwright-Harrison, Practice Manager
  • “Clarus gives us the control to make changes to the call schedule in seconds from any device. Changes take place instantly, so calls are routed accurately.” – Patrick Stearns, MBA, CMPE, Executive Director
  • “I am able to program our dashboard 6 months in advance. If there are any updates, I am able to make them immediately no matter where I am. Clarus works flawlessly for us.” – Timothy Cheatwood, Practice Manager

We saw less errors with Clarus than we’d had before. And then of course when I got the estimate for the price, it was 50% of what we had been paying with our previous vendor.


Caressa Lynch
Kansas City Bone & Joint

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