Dr. Jonathan Rehberg - Sylacauga OBGYN

“When I started with Clarus in 2015, and we were part of the pilot and beta testers, we were able to discuss and collaborate on every facet of the app. As you see it today, I was upwards of $300 to $350 a month in cost. And switching to Clarus, I was able to bring that down tremendously. and sort of, you know, really control those costs for a for a single OBGYN in a solo practice. And that was fantastic.”

As we’ve grown, Clarus grew with us. We had no issues onboarding additional physicians or additional providers. The app is very straightforward. You know, in 2023, we are very accustomed to and tuned into apps on an iPhone or an Android device. This is very much like many other apps. It has easy flow accessibility. It’s got the biometrics. You can play through a speaker. The buttons are simple. They’re easy to read, they’re large. There’s nothing confusing about this app whatsoever.

Clarus allows the patient to tell us, in her words, what is it that’s going on? And the Clarus app also attempts to translate and transcribe a voice message into text. And it does a really good job of it. So not only can we listen to the patient’s voice, but we can actually read it on a screen and to get that first person instead of through another non-medical person is another additional benefit of Clarus by removing another person in that communication chain improves HIPAA and the protection of patient information. Because if you use a call center, you don’t know exactly what’s been said.

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