Dr. Hampton Vernon - Vernon Pediatrics

“Clarus is user-friendly and easy. I’ve been taking calls for years with over a thousand people and to never hear anything negative about a system in medicine, that’s rare. So I think that speaks to the quality of Clarus.”

The biggest thing for me with just going through somebody for calls was that there you know, it’s like a game of telephone and I thought that’s you know, kind of light years ahead of what I was doing. So, all of a sudden, I realized I was kind of stuck in the Stone Age with my call system. That’s how I got introduced to Clarus. I needed a system that was more efficient where I could have all my messages in one place. I could call people back right away. I could send them a voice text back, you know, if they were asking me a question about a medicine dosing. Hey, the Benadryl dose is this and maybe leave my patients a message. An app like Clarus and a service like Clarus just makes things so simple. I pull out my phone. I see my message. I get back to the patient right away. It cuts out the middleman. It’s just the simplicity of it to me, that makes it great. The biggest reason I would urge another physician to look at it who maybe is even on a similar system is just that it’s kind of foolproof. Like I’ve just had no glitches. I’ve had no issues with it. It’s super simple. Anybody can use it. I’ve never pulled out the app and been confused. It’s very user friendly and kind of self-explanatory when you pull it out give a message from a patient. There’s kind of three options and that’s it. So, it’s user friendly. It’s just easy. I feel like for a year of doing that and taking call over and over from literally thousands of people when you never hear anything negative about a system in medicine that’s rare. I think that’s great that speaks to the quality of Clarus.

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