Timothy Cheatwood - Liver & Gastroenterology Center

“Prior to Clarus, we used a hospital-based system that was utilized, actual operators who placed the calls. Of course, there was some room for error, but with Clarus it is more efficient and actually more cost-efficient. And overall better patient care.”

We are a small, independent gastroenterology practice, but Clarus works perfectly for us because our physician of course, partners with other docs, they all use our system. And so far it’s been flawless for us. Well, for us, there are three physicians who share a call, mostly weekend call. So through the website, I program it. I put in the dates and times once I learn that it’s very easy and the system works flawless for us.

Clarus is a big advantage for our patients because if they have an urgent need after-hours, they can very simply get to the on-call physician without getting the runaround. They can more or less press on their phone and, get to a physician immediately. I receive our on-call schedule six months in advance, and I program the system six months in advance. So, I essentially program it twice a year and if there’s any updates, I update it immediately. That’s easy to do. And then I double-check at the beginning of each month to make sure I have programmed it correctly. But yes, it works flawlessly.

I’ve actually spoken with other practice administrators about the benefits of Clarus and let them know the benefits of good patient care. The providers are happy with it, and it is a very cost-effective solution.

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