Dr. Ed O'Bryan - Graham Healthcare

“So how does a program like Clarus help you to document the care that you’re giving to patient’s after-hours, so that they know they’re getting quality care, and then you can prove it. And I think the old systems just really don’t do that. And Clarus really does that.”

When I sent Clarus my primary care provider. He didn’t even realize how broken his system was. He didn’t realize how much time he was wasting, trying to answer a call from his answering service or trying to call back patients who maybe answered maybe didn’t answer fielding calls that really could have been answered with a simple text exchange.  And now he’s just he’s saved hours and hours every day. He’s a solo practitioner.

I think there’s two ways and I think it’s either they reach out because they realize the system is broken, but more likely, we reach out and tell them, hey, are you aware that this system is broken, and I step back and realize my life could be better, and I land on Clarus. If everybody’s happy with the system you have in place and their work is streamlined, they’re going to be happy when they show up.

The patients are going to be happier interacting with happier staff, and they’re going to stay and so that’s super important for practices. So, I’ve always looked at Clarus also for the for the doctors and nurse practitioners and PAs and all nurses, techs, you know everyone involved as a real lifestyle benefit.


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