Caressa Lynch - Kansas City Bone & Joint

“We have 10 physicians, soon to be 11, and then about 14 mid-level providers. So, with the older system, it had the live operators and with that service you would think, you know, great quality, but came with a really high price tag. Because these are staff members, people that they’re employing to answer the phones, which again, if you pay for something, you want a good product. Unfortunately, that was not the case.”

We saw less errors with Clarus than we’d had before. And then of course when I got, you know, the estimate for the price, it was 50% of what we had been paying with our previous vendor. So, for me that was a huge selling point to look at a better product and a better price point. When we started with Clarus and did the after-hours because it was a new system and just the fact that I knew if one of my physicians would buy into it and were pleased with the product and the service, then my staff of course would follow.

So, for me the decision was more on the physician side of things. Were they going to be pleased with it if they were pleased with the after-hours, the way that it worked, the way that it operated, and even the collaboration with Clarus that I was having on some pain points initially that they listened to and worked through. Because I was getting feedback from my physicians and my mid-level providers. So, once I knew they were happy, they liked it, I knew it was a win for us on the daytime. Our office has a centralized scheduling department that what they do is answer the phones to schedule patients, take all the incoming calls. With Clarus, we’re able to manage that department a lot leaner than would have if we didn’t have Clarus. So, that’s a selling point too.

I feel it’s super exciting for me knowing that they have been as successful as they are because I feel like I’ve played a little bit of a part in that. And so, I’m proud of Clarus and what they’ve been doing and I feel like they’re a good company to represent. And that’s why I obviously am speaking out about what I think of them.

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