Better Communication.

Better Care.

Partnering with physician groups to improve after-hours and daytime patient communication. Clarus eliminates delays, call routing errors and malpractice risk inherent with traditional call centers, while reducing cost.


Outstanding call-routing accuracy

You control the on-call schedule so your practice can avoid mistakes made by a third party call center.

One touch, protected response options

With the press of a single button, providers can return calls without the risk of exposing their private number.

Flat-rate pricing structure

Pay the same amount every month, regardless of call volume.

After-Hours Call

We created Clarus to fix the errors and inefficiencies of the antiquated call center model. Clarus After-Hours offers faster response time to patients, better on-call experience for providers, and complete control of on-call schedules for practices.

Daytime Call

Our After-Hours customers recognized the power of the Clarus platform and asked us to create a solution to help with calls during normal business hours. So we created Clarus Daytime, a customized platform that ensures you get the calls you need, when you need them, and where you need them.

Superior Transcription

Whether you’re running between cases or out for dinner while on call, sometimes it’s easier to read a message than listen to it. Clarus Pro is an upgrade to After-Hours that provides accurate transcription of calls right in your Clarus app, along with all the other features of the Clarus platform. The audio message is still available, as well as every other feature of the Clarus platform.


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“With Clarus, we get more reliable information, which allows us to better care for our patients and document the call.”

James Godfrey

Doctor, Nashville, TN

With Clarus, we are able to contact the patient immediately. We are not having to play phone tag between the patient, hospital switch board and the physician on call. “Patient Satisfaction” is what we are achieving.

Alison L. Hawkes

Office Manager, Thibodaux, LA