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Transitioning to Technology Makes Life Easier

Company Name: Cool Springs Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Clinic

Location: Franklin and Brentwood, TN

Specialty: Internal Medicine, Pediatrics

Number of Providers: 15

CBSA Population: 1.9M

Cool Springs Internal Medicine and Pediatrics had a paging system for alerting providers of urgent after-hours patient needs. The system meant they had to carry around multiple devices — one to receive the alert and another to call the patient back — and it didn’t provide a solution for easy documentation or insight into the caller’s needs. Learn how they made it easier for providers to manage calls after-hours by adopting technology use in this case study.

What was the problem?

A traditional paging system for after-hours patient calls presented problems for providers at Cool Springs Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

For one, they had the issue of carrying around an additional device. They also had no idea what they were getting themselves into when returning a page and lacked insight into each urgent need before providing care.

Additionally, the providers were tasked with documenting calls and entering all the information from interactions with patients into their EMR.

Overall, the traditional solution paired with pagers wasn’t reliable, was completely outdated, and created more work for providers and office staff.

What was the solution?

The Clarus mobile app provided one singular location for providers to manage after-hours call needs. They were able to view patient information and the chief reason for calling before providing care.

Providers can also choose how to respond and document all patient notes within the mobile app. The office staff can export that information into patient charts the next day quickly and efficiently.

“Clarus also gives us the control and allows staff to make changes that take place instantaneously. Clarus has streamlined processes, saved us time, and provided better documentation,” says Patrick Sterns, Executive Director.

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“Advancing technology use has made it easier for providers to manage calls. It also allows for streamlined processes like getting after-hours interactions added to patient records the next business day. We know Clarus is saving us time and providing consistency.”

Patrick Stearns, MBA, CMPE

Executive Director

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