Stopping Calls from Getting to the Wrong Doctor

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Stopping Calls from Getting to the Wrong Doctor

Company Name: Jordan-Young Institute

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Specialty: Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine, Neurosurgery, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Number of Providers: 38

CBSA Population: 1.7M

Jordan-Young Institute was using a traditional after-hours service that wasn’t allowing their practice to best serve their community. They were dealing with a manual process that had no flexibility and was riddled with human errors causing doctors to get the wrong calls all the time. Sound familiar? Jordan-Young Institute needed a solution to better fit their 30+ provider practice and ensure patients were getting the right care when it mattered most.

What was the problem?

“With our previous traditional after-hours answering service we were experiencing the result of untrained, human errors that made it difficult to serve patients,” says James McNamara, Chief Executive Officer.

Jordan-Young’s process for after-hours was very manual and antiquated from end-to-end.

“The call schedules were written down on paper without the ability to make updates easily. A lot of non-urgent calls were getting routed to doctors on-call. On top of that doctors were getting the wrong calls, either because they weren’t on-call or they weren’t on-call for the specific use case.”

What was the solution?

Jordan-Young evaluated a variety of options, and ultimately chose Clarus to automate their after-hours on-call process and workflows.

McNamara says, “The provider mobile app and office staff dashboard are easy-to-use. We can manage the on-call schedule ourselves and make changes in real time.”

Automated call routing has removed the issue of doctors getting non-urgent calls or the wrong calls. McNamara also appreciates the call activity being tracked and documented, allowing review by any necessary parties later.

“Not only has the process improved for providers taking calls, but the experience for the patient has improved as well. Urgent calls get followed up with quicker and non-urgent calls can be returned by office staff the following day.”

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