Complex Call Schedules Are Easy to Follow with Automated Call Routing

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Complex Call Schedules Are Easy to Follow with Automated Call Routing

Company Name: Virginia Heart

Location: Arlington, VA

Specialty: Cardiovascular Care

Number of Providers: 52

CBSA Population: 1.1M

Virginia Heart was looking for an after-hours answering service that could accommodate their ten locations with multiple on-call schedules that they share with internal and external providers.

What was the problem?

Before choosing Clarus as their after-hours call management solution, Virginia Heart was utilizing a local human operator service. This service had difficulty routing calls to the appropriate provider given the complexity of the hospital and patient call schedules. This was causing providers and office staff to try and correct the errors after-hours, delaying response times, and added unnecessary work. The team at Virginia Heart knew they needed to make switch in order to provide the best care for their communities.

What was the solution?

Virginia Heart started evaluating alternative solutions. Most of the options they found were also human operator services. Vetting these solutions, Virginia Heart found that they didn’t have measures in place to prevent the errors they were already experiencing. After seeking recommendations from other practices in the area, Virginia Heart learned about the Clarus solution.

Clarus’ automated call routing technology and ability to handle multiple call calendars with ease led to the implementation of the After-hours Platform. Since implementing Clarus, Virginia Heart has eliminated the call routing errors happening after-hours. Because of this, they’ve also improved hospital and patient relationships by providing quicker responses to urgent needs.

Implementing Clarus after-hours for urgent calls has allowed Virginia Heart to improve the patient experience and reduce stress on providers and office staff.

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