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After-hours Call Management

Equip your team with consistent and accurate after-hours call handling that leads to happier patients, physicians, and office staff.

  1. Providers choose how they’re notified
  2. Full call coverage schedule control
  3. Eliminate patient holds

OnCall Inbox

Providers view calls and take notes in the Clarus mobile app.


Eliminate Miscommunication

Listen to the recorded patient call or read a transcription.


Flexible Scheduling

Manage the coverage calendar from anywhere and make last minute changes in real time.


Custom Notifications

Providers can choose to be notified by text, voice, email, or push notifications.


Meet The OnCall Mobile App

  1. An all-in-one app that makes life easier for on-call physicians
  2. All information is shared to the online dashboard to keep everyone in sync
  3. Eliminate routing errors that disrupt physicians and frustrate patients
  4. Smarter and more efficient than traditional physician answering services

Scheduling Made Simple

  1. Easily manage the on-call schedule from the Clarus dashboard
  2. Last minute changes? No problem. Update the on-call schedule instantly
  3. Update the calendar by dragging and dropping providers into time slots — it’s that easy
  4. Find what you need by sorting calls by subject matter, provider, or both

What Our Clients Are Saying About Clarus


“With Clarus, we get more reliable information, which allows us to better care for our patients and document the call.”

Pediatric Practice Doctor


“With Clarus, we are able to contact the patient immediately. We are not having to play phone tag between the patient, hospital switchboard, and the physician on call. Patient satisfaction is what we are achieving.”

Women’s Health Clinic Office Manager


“Last-minute changes to the on-call schedule are no longer an issue. I can quickly and easily do it myself from the Clarus Dashboard and it’s immediately updated.”

Orthopedic Office Manager

Ready To Transform How Your Practice Operates?

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