Clarus Paging

An Add-On Feature to Daytime or After-Hours

Clarus Paging: Like Instant Messaging For Medical Practices

Many of our office staff members, especially in specialists’ offices, were looking for a better way to get in touch with doctors during office hours. They would text the doctors, but because of HIPAA compliance laws, don’t have the ability to send patient information through a text. The office administrators and staff would alternatively email with a secure link, but that’s just extra steps for the doctors on the receiving end. Leaving a long voicemail doesn’t give doctors and providers the ability to easily read the message, so if the something was missed while listening to the voice message, they would have to replay it to try catching it again. Doctors and providers would also have to remember to follow up to that voicemail, or remember to listen to it in the first place. There also was the issue of no documentation behind any of this. Many of our office staff customers were in need of a secure and fast way of communicating to doctors and providers during the day, and that’s when we decided to find the solution. Thus, Clarus Paging was born.

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Need to get in touch with an on-call provider, no matter what time of day?


Creating a page is easy and fast. Paging is conveniently accessible in the cloud-based Clarus dashboard. Just click into paging, and use the green button in the top right-hand corner to get started.

Paging is Quick & Easy

Clarus Paging gives physicians and doctors’ offices the ability to communicate with any doctor, at any time, securely through the Clarus app. Think of it as instant messaging, but for your practice. And–it’s HIPAA compliant, so all messages are secure and protected. Paging can be added onto Clarus Daytime or Clarus After-Hours within minutes of requesting it. Not only can any provider on-call can be contacted by office staff 24/7, but the provider can also leave notes in response to messages, and dictate any actions that need to take place.

Practice office staff just need to go to the Clarus dashboard, select the provider’s name from a drop-down menu, type out a message, and hit send! It immediately alerts providers through the secure Clarus mobile app on their phones. Just like when a provider receives a call with Clarus After-Hours, the mobile app sends reminders to the provider about that message, ensuring it gets seen and addressed promptly. Similarly, the provider can also forward the message to another on-call provider to handle, and like all Clarus products, everything is documented with the ability to add notes. 


Choose your desired provider from a drop-down menu

Enter callback number, patient name, message, and patient date of birth and submit that information to be sent as a page to your chosen provider!

paging - submit info & send to provider

You’ll be sent back to the dashboard where you can view your page and where all activity is documented, giving you and your staff real-time visibility.

paging - page sent, back to dashboard
paging on mobile app

How Adding Paging Can Help Your Practice

Many times, a hospital calls a provider’s office where they then talk to a staff member for the purpose of relaying a message to the provider. The office member then writes it down or types it up (possibly something getting lost in translation), gets it into an email, or calls or texts the provider – which is definitely not secure. The usual communication process between office staff and provider is just inefficient, drawn-out, and inconvenient. With Clarus Paging, getting an urgent message to a doctor or provider instantly and securely is easy and fast!

Loved By Our Customers

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