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All Your Call Needs in One Place

View call records, track all call activity, and manage the on-call schedule from a singular location.


Prioritization done for you.

Save staff time with smart triage. View messages by type so staff can follow up with the most important calls first. Ensure the right person calls back based on the caller’s need and message.

Make edits in real-time from anywhere.

Scheduling made simple.

The easy-to-use call calendar puts coverage in your control. Drag and drop a provider’s name on the calendar for after-hours urgent call coverage.

HIPAA compliant documentation.

Share call records

Clarus documents all call activity for providers and staff. Packaged together in a call record, you’ll see caller’s message, provider response time, and any staff activity timestamped for your records.

Fully visibility into progress.

Smooth the way for team collaboration

Allow multiple team members to work together in real-time. Different departments can easily tackle calls related to their responsibilities. Marking calls complete and leaving notes gives visibility into call progress for the entire team.

Who we solve for

Office Managers

Manage high call volumes with less staff.


Get only urgent calls during your coverage.

Single & Multi Specialities

Help patients get faster resolutions.

Health Systems

Transfer calls to the right departments faster.


Schedule a Demo

Click to schedule a short demo with one of our team members at your convenience. We’ll give you a full tour of Clarus’ features and answer any questions you may have.

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