The Impact of Specialization In an Answering Service

Apple. Amazon. Netflix. Walt Disney. Starbucks. Microsoft. What do all of these companies have in common? They’re all on the list of the most loved companies in the world. But, they also have another common denominator: specialization. The dictionary defines specialization as “the process of concentrating on and becoming expert in a particular subject or skill.” Both Apple and Microsoft specialize in smart devices, technologies, and softwares such as computers, phones, AI, and mobile applications. Netflix specializes in streaming services. Walt Disney specializes in animated films and shows, theme parks, and merchandise based off of those things. Starbucks specializes in coffee and other items you’d find in a cafe. Each of these companies has dedicated their focuses on becoming the best at each of their specialities, and it shows. If you have a concern with your iPhone, you would go to an Apple specialist. But if you needed a cup of coffee, you wouldn’t go to Apple for it, would you? The same goes for an answering service. If you needed a call management service for your medical practice, would you want the same one that also managed the calls of, let’s say, HVAC companies?

The Problem with Multi-Industry Answering Services

When searching for an answering service for your healthcare practice, how many of these companies only focus on healthcare? Many of them also do answering services for HVAC companies, real estate offices, law firms, manufacturing companies, and the list goes on. With the focus on so many industries, how can they possibly give your industry the best service and experience? According to an article in Forbes magazine, “When you’re only focused on one or two niches, you’ll find it easier to focus your time and attention. This results in better comprehension and expertise.” When a company is concentrating on one particular area, it can gain so much more experience in those few areas rather than spreading its time and efforts thin trying to focus on so many different areas. In one of his 5 Minute Marketing Tip videos, marketing consultant, Ian Brodie states, “by working in the same field again and again, you can become an expert in that field pretty quickly.” A multi-industry answering service won’t be able to fully understand and cater to your industry like that of an answering service which specializes in it. When working in just one or a few areas, you’re continually learning how to improve that narrow focus, and can retain that knowledge better than trying to learn more than one thing in depth at once. Because of these reasons and more, multi-speciality or general answering services achieve a less-full resolution for customers. When you utilize a specialized answering service, the expertise found better equips the ability to tackle even the most difficult problems effectively. There’s also the issue of juggling different types of calls. When one of your patients calls in, are they going to be put on hold for a plumbing call? A call for a law firm? It’s just not practical. Another reason to go with a specialized company is higher product quality and value. When an answering service can put all of its focus, time, and resources into improving only one or a few products or services, it can produce a much better product and experience for the customer. Knowing the ins and outs of healthcare, a healthcare-focused answering service can provide the best products and services the industry can offer.

Choose a Healthcare-Only Answering Service

With so many options in answering services and call centers for the medical and healthcare industry, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is the right one for your practice. But, one thing is for sure: it should be one that deals with health practices, and health practices only. Even before being founded back in 2014, Clarus employees and management alike come from a rich background in healthcare. We deal with the healthcare industry and their call management day-in and day-out. Clarus’s automated and 100% cloud-based answering service platforms make the entire daytime and after-hours call experience better for providers, staff, and patients. Smart and efficient, Clarus is a cost-effective way to reduce the inefficiencies and errors of a traditional answering service. And…our dedication is to health and medical practices – ensuring that you’re getting a high quality product and service focused on you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help manage calls for your practice.