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Save Staff Up to 3 hours Each Day

Company Name: Williamson Medical Center

Location: Williamson County, TN

Specialty: Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Gastroenterology

Number of Providers: 48

CBSA Population: 1.9M

Williamson Medical Center was having trouble managing the high volume of calls during office hours. Their nurses were overwhelmed trying to return all calls and patients were frustrated by how long it took to get a response. With Clarus, they improved response time to patients and decreased the amount of time nurses spent managing calls.

What was the problem?

The office staff was struggling to manage high call volume during the day and could not efficiently return patient calls. Williamson Medical Center needed a service that would accurately and efficiently route and transcribe calls to optimize the triage process, reduce the amount of time office staff had to spend managing calls, and improve response time and patient satisfaction.

Practice Manager, Angela Bagsby, evaluated multiple solutions including traditional voicemail transcription services, hiring more nurses, and utilizing a triage nursing center. However, these solutions weren’t able to provide a good experience for patients and staff and were cost prohibitive.

What was the solution?

After making the switch to Clarus’ daytime solution in July 2019, Angela and her staff were immediately able to change the way calls were managed for the better.

By eliminating patient hold times and routing calls according to the practice’s specific requirements, Clarus was able to decrease the time it took office staff to address patient needs.

Staff could view calls by type, prioritize those most important, and communicate within the Clarus Dashboard to note which calls have been handled and which still need attention. When speaking about the Clarus platform, Angela says, “It was a very easy, simple process. It was not hard to learn. My staff took to it very well.”

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“Implementing Clarus Daytime has allowed us to get back to every patient every day, and we were not doing that before. We discovered it’s saving nurses approximately three hours a day. My staff is back to going home on time feeling like they have addressed everything that they needed to. I think the dissatisfaction from patients on the turnaround time is the thing that we’ve improved on the most.”

Angela Bagsby

Physician Practice Manager

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