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Improve Patient Experience with Better Call Management

Company Name: Texas Digestive Disease Consultants

Location: San Marcos and New Braunfels, TX

Specialty: Gastroenterology

Number of Providers: 11

CBSA Population: 170k

The San Marcos and New Braunfels office locations for Texas Digestive Disease Consultants relied on a traditional call center to handle their after-hours calls. The staff had to manually transfer the calls at close of business and hope that the operators would handle patient calls appropriately. TDDC knew they needed a new solution to address concerns and improve patients needs and providers after-hours. 

What was the problem?

Erin Cartwright-Harrison, the Practice Manager at TDDC locations, quickly learned the patients were not satisfied with the after-hours experience. “We would get calls from patients the next day and say they called and never heard back or were on hold for 20+ minutes before they hung up.”

Erin knew that the traditional operators weren’t representative of the quality care TDDC provides to their patients.

What was the solution?

After implementing Clarus, the staff experienced a shift, receiving zero patient complaints.

Working with Clarus has resulted in higher patient satisfaction for TDDC and staff are much happier as a result. “You don’t have to worry about if it’s working or not, or what the doctors are experiencing. It works,” says Erin.

The next day, staff has full visibility into calls from the previous night and can return non-urgent messages and route them to the right person on their team. The transcription of messages saves staff time and allows them to work quickly.

The Clarus platform was able to enhance the call taking experience for patients, providers, and office staff. It provides the essential elements for successful call management and ensures communication is clear and time efficient.

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“After implementing Clarus, we’ve experienced a shift receiving zero patient complaints. The system’s ability to improve patient experience has been game changing for our team. We have complete confidence in its functionality and set-up, with no concerns about errors. Plus, it’s half the cost of our previous solution.”

Erin Cartwright-Harrison

Practice Manager

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