How Can We Allow Healthcare Staff To Work From Home?

Healthcare staff are on the front lines when it comes to attending to sick patients every single day. Whether you’re a doctor, a nurse, or healthcare administrator, you come into close contact with illness and germs constantly. Now, add the pandemic of the potentially deadly and severely contagious COVID-19 to the mix, which does not yet have a definitive treatment, and you face an even riskier situation. It’s the reason for shut-downs and limitations of entire states, businesses, travelling, and any type of gathering. It’s the reason that all non-essential businesses have mandated their employees work from home if they can or, unfortunately, not to work at all. But our heroes in healthcare are among the few professions that are still required to go into work. But, what if it were possible for more healthcare staff not to go into work during this crazy time, and still be able to do their job caring for patient needs?

Redefining Healthcare with Telehealth

We all know that Telehealth is, now more than ever, redefining the healthcare landscape using today’s incredible technologies to connect doctors and patients electronically. Many healthcare practices are turning to Telehealth with webcam and telephone doctor visits, communications and bill pay through mobile applications, prescription refills, consultations with healthcare professionals, appointments, and more. Yes, there are still reasons many patients and staff would need to come into a physical location. But, is there any way that we could reduce that even further in order to protect many of our healthcare heroes from having to leave their homes, while still attending to patient needs?

A Game-Changing, Work-From-Anywhere Solution

We’re glad we asked that question for you. Now, we’d like to answer it. Yes, there is a simple and efficient way to allow more of your healthcare staff to work from home! Clarus Daytime is a revolutionary software system which allows staff to manage calls and view all call activity from a central, 100% cloud-based dashboard. Clarus Daytime is already used in-office by practices around the nation, and our customers love the flexibility of using our system not only in the office, but from any location. The ability to keep both staff and patients safe and healthy is critical during these times. Clarus Daytime’s cloud-based system allows staff to manage all inbound calls and activity effectively from the comfort of their own homes. And, with our daytime call-management system, there are no patient hold times. No hold times means happier patients – and happier patients means higher retention and referral rates. Staff can also prioritize the calls coming in, right from home! Calls are organized in terms of priority and call-type, so no more guessing games and figuring out who to call back first. Our at-home system also allows for 100% documentation and accountability. Clarus Daytime time-stamps and dates each incoming call, and allows all remote staff to leave notes so that you can be assured the patient was taken care of, or if they still need attending to. Messages left by patients are even transcribed in addition to audio messaging, enabling faster triage. All of these benefits assure improved work-from-home-flow, and better insight into calls and activity – which is even harder to have when working from home! Worried about how to navigate the dashboard? No need. Our interface is extremely easy to navigate and use, and our team is always here for your support.

daytime call management dashboard

According to sources such as the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, COVID-19 can be spread not only from physical contact, but from respiratory droplets. It can also stay on surfaces and materials such as paper for hours and even days at a time. COVID-19 is highly contagious, so slowing the spread by staying home and away from others as much as possible is crucial until further notice. Clarus Care is dedicated to helping that cause, and to helping make our healthcare heroes’ lives easier and healthier. If you’d like to learn more about our Daytime service, contact us today for a free demo. Set-up time is quick and painless, and learning our dashboard will be the easiest thing you’ll have done all day.