Daytime Call Management

With Clarus Daytime call management solution, you can eliminate patient hold times, stop missing revenue-generating calls like referrals and new appointments, and improve your clinical response times.

Reasons Users Love Clarus Daytime



No Hold Times

Patients who are not placed on hold are happier patients, and happier patients means higher retention and referral rates.


Office Staff

Call Prioritization

Whether it’s the front desk quickly responding to high-value referrals, or nurse staff efficiently sorting and prioritizing clinical calls, your office staff can manage high call volume.


Office Managers


The Clarus Daytime call management system time-stamps each in-bound call, and staff can leave notes so you know each patient was taken care of.

How It Works

Whether your staff has the goal of answering each inbound call, or you present a call menu to each new caller, Clarus Daytime call management helps you manage inbound calls efficiently and effectively.

Easy-to-Use Interface


Clarus tracks call activity by day, time, call type, and more. This helps you get a clear understanding of what you can’t control –inbound call volume. This information helps you build a more efficient and effective communication process internally and with your patients.

Call Volume by Type:


Call Volume by Day of Week:


Call Volume by Day:


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