COVID-19 Call Volume Management System

Keeping Up With The Influx Of Coronavirus-Related Calls

As a health practice, you deal with a long list of calls each day from patients and other health professionals. With the recent pandemic outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), healthcare offices and institutions have been inundated with an even higher volume of calls from patients looking for information and guidance of this rapidly expanding virus. This can cause a more hectic work environment, longer hold times for patients and increased call-abandonments, and loss in revenue due to being unable to handle all the opportunities possibly coming through.

Clarus Care Now Offering Affordable COVID-19 Call Volume Management

covid-19 / coronavirus call tree

Well-seasoned in call management for health practices, Clarus Care is now offering an affordable solution for a high influx of Coronavirus-related calls. We can help your staff have the tools they need to effectively handle the out-of-control call volume with our new COVID-19 hotline system. And, our system can be set up within only a couple of hours and is super easy to use!

With this system, we’ll set up a unique Coronavirus hotline which will direct callers looking for COVID-19 info onto their own path where they can find out: 


If a caller wishes to leave their information for a call-back from one of your healthcare staff members, we’ll collect that as well, and have it transcribed to the appropriate person.

A medical reception answering the phone

Clarus Care will not only provide a call-management system, but we’ll provide the content, too.

Our content will inform callers on the Coronavirus over the phone using text-to-speech, allowing your staff to dedicate their valuable time to other health-related matters.

All call activity is captured and recorded from a centralized, cloud-based system. Because our system is cloud-based, your staff would still be able to utilize our software from home. And, Clarus Care is HIPAA compliant, so there’s no need to worry about privacy or security.

If you’re interested in learning more or getting started, head to our contact page and fill out a form, call, or email us today!