After-Hours & Daytime Call Management for Physician Practices Big & Small, Nationwide

Clarus After-Hours call management makes taking calls easier for doctors and better for patients, while reducing errors and inefficiencies of a traditional answering service or call center.

Clarus Daytime call management solution makes other medical answering services obsolete, giving physician offices the tools they need to effectively manage high inbound call volume.

Clarus After-Hours

Clarus Daytime


For Office Managers

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For Providers

Clarus After-Hours call management is the perfect solution for healthcare providers.

Clarus After-Hours

Clarus Daytime

If your healthcare or medical practice is missing important revenue-generating calls like referrals and new appointments, if important clinical call response times are too long, or if patients are complaining about long hold times, it’s time to move away from an answering service or call center. You need Clarus Daytime physicians call management solution.

Clarus Daytime call management gives physician offices the tools they need to effectively manage high-volume inbound calls.

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Clarus Daytime

What our customers are saying about Clarus

“I no longer worry about patients getting my private cell phone number or having to press *67 to return a call to a patient. Clarus protects my number for me.”

Nephrology Practice,

Doctor, TN

“Patients are pleasantly surprised about how quickly they get a return call from their provider. It has improved our patient’s experience and overall care.”

OB GYN Practice,

Doctor, WA

“Before Clarus we had no idea what was happening after-hours. With the web-based dashboard I can see all the calls that came in overnight across all our clinics.”

Oncology Practice,

Chief Administrative Officer, VA