Revolutionize the Way Your Medical Practice Takes After-hours Calls

Clarus eliminates the errors and inefficiencies of a traditional medical answering service.

Make Sure Providers Get the Right Calls at the Right Time

Clarus’ platform routes calls to the correct providers every time. By removing call center employees from the process we also remove the high likelihood of human error.

Providers can choose how they want to be notified. Our iOS and Android mobile applications allow providers to choose between text messages, push notifications, emails, calls, and a combination of any or all.

Ensure Patients are Never on Hold Again

Long hold times lead to unhappy patients. Provide a better patient experience and increase retention rates with Clarus. 

Clarus improves patient communication by decreasing the average time it takes a physician to respond by 67%. 

Not to mention all calls are recorded and organized by reason for call in our Office Manager Dashboard. Meaning staff can review and return calls by priority the next day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will providers get unnecessary calls without a real person answering the phone?

The Clarus custom call tree means providers only get called for real patient issues. All non-urgent calls are still recorded in our HIPAA compliant dashboard for staff to address the following business day.

The ability to manage your schedule from anywhere online and have changes take place instantly reduces routing errors – meaning providers don’t get called when they aren’t on call.

Is Clarus that much better than my existing answering service?

To put it simply, yes. Clarus not only solves the problems that you have with your current answering service, but it also brings new solutions to the table. 

Our solution will revolutionize the workflows of your staff, it will save your practice time and money, and it will improve your patients’ experiences.

How much does Clarus cost?

Our pricing is based on the number of call taking providers in your practice.

One fixed cost is charged monthly. There are no hidden fees or additional costs for high call volume, lead queue priority, holiday service, or other variables you might run into with a traditional answering service.

Contact our team to learn more about Clarus After-hours and receive a no-obligation price quote.